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Những bài luận tiếng Anh về gia đình Những bài luận tiếng Anh về gia đình được chon lọc, mời các bạn tham khảo.

1.My Family

We are a poor family . There are altogether nine members in my family , including my father andmy mother . The children are seven in all , four boys and three girls .

My father is a hawker selling fruits in the streets of Singapore and my mother is awasherwoman . My father earns about 25 dollars a day and my mother is getting about fiftydollars a month . Though poor , ours is a happy family . My parents seldom quarrel and they arethrifty .

All my brothers and sisters are studying in English schools . My eldest brother Ronnie isstudying in secondary four in a government school . He says that he will pass this year , with four good credits at least .

On school days my brother goes to school by bus and we children are in a nearby primary schoolnot very far from our home .

During the week-end my eldest brother helps us with our studies .


2.My family.

My family is small . Thera are only four members in my family . They are my father , mymother , my sister and me .

My father is a teacher . He is about forty-five years old . My mother works at home . She is afew years younger than father . My sister goes to school . She is sixteen years old . I’m five yearsyoungers than my sister .

Everyone in my family is good and happy . My father and my mother love my sister and mevery much . They buy manything for us . Sometimes they takes us to the cinema . They also tell usmany interesting stories . Sometimes thay help us in our studies .

I need , I love my family very much .


3. My family

My family consists of four people. There are my parents, my brother and me. My father is an engineer . My mother is a housewife. My brother is a student, and I am a police.

We get up at 6 o’clock every morning. After breakfast, I and my father go to work, my mother does the housework and my brother goes to school.We have lunch at noon and dinner at 7 p.m. In the evening after dinner, we sit together in the living-room talking or watching television for about an hour. Then my brother and I go to our own rooms.
My family is a very happy one. We love each other very much and expect to live together under the same roof forever.

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