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10 thành ngữ liên quan đến mèo (cat idioms)



Cùng điểm qua một số thành ngữ phổ biến có nhắc đến “mèo” trong đó nhé!

1. A bag of cats

– A bad-tempered person

– Người xấu tính, dễ nổi nóng

VD: “She’s a real bag of cats this afternoon!”


2. A cat in gloves catches no mice

– Sometimes you can’t accomplish a goal by being careful and polite.

– Cẩn thận, lịch sự quá hóa hỏng

VD: Just talk frankly with her. A cat in gloves catches no mice.



3. Busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes

– Very busy

– Vô cùng bận rộn (như mèo chột canh 2 ổ chuột)

VD: I’ve been busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes these days


4. Cat got your tongue? / Has the cat got your tongue?

– Why are you not saying anything? (Often said by adults to children.)

– Mèo ăn mất lưỡi rồi à?

VD: Has the cat got your tongue? I need an explanation.



5. Curiosity killed the cat.

– Being curious can get you into trouble

– Tò mò hại thân

VD: Jill: Where did you get all that money? Jane: Curiosity killed the cat.


 6. Fight like cat and dog

– To argue violently all the time

– (Đánh nhau) như chó với mèo

VD: My children fight like cat and dog at home.


7. Let the cat out of the bag

– To reveal a secret or a surprise by accident

– Làm lộ hết bí mật

VD: It’s a secret. Try not to let the cat out of the bag.


8. Mad enough to kick a cat

– Very angry.

– Giận điên người

VD: Stay out of my way! I’m mad enough to kick a cat!


9. Rain cats and dog

– To rain very hard

– Mưa như trút nước

VD: It is raining cats and dogs outside.


10. Weak as a cat/ a kitten

– Very weak, ineffective, fragile

– Yếu ớt

VD: She is as weak as a kitten, unarmed and friendless.


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